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We come back to you via email in no time telling what options are available in your case.
Sign Agreement and Pay
We send you an Agreement to e-sign and a payment link.
Start working on your case
We'll compile all necessary documents, such as a business plan, financial model, pitch deck, CV, and video pitch.This usually takes up to 14 days.
Apply for a visa and Relocate
After your case gets an approval you should apply for a visa at the closest available embassy and fly to the country of destination.
Destinations in a nutshell
  • Portugal
    Timeline: 3 months
    Cost: 3,000 USD
    Important: 5,200 EUR on your bank account

  • Estonia
    Timeline: 1 month
    Cost: 1,500 USD
    Important: 2,400 EUR on your bank account
  • Finland
    Timeline: 1 month
    Cost: 3,000 USD
    Important: 24,000 EUR on your bank account
  • UK
    Timeline: 2 months
    Cost: 4,500 USD

Options and Prices
Available countries: 🇪🇪 🇫🇮 🇵🇹 🇬🇧
startup visa eu
— Discuss your case, giving comments and suggestions
— You prepare a case by yourself
— We review it, help with answers if you struggle
*Apply x2 for Finland, Portugal
Timeline: a week to submit
— We ask you for materials you have
— We do all the changes and fill in the gaps
— We prepare and submit your case
*Apply x2 for Finland, Portugal
Timeline: 2 weeks to submit
+ $500 success
pro mvp
— Imagine you do not have MVP, but have an idea
— We help you to formulate business idea
— We create your MVP
— We prepare and submit your case
Timeline: 6 weeks to submit
uk global talent visa
— We prepare all the case for you
Timeline: we get you a visa in 2 months
Reloc in Numbers
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    Total approvals
  • 3
    Cases in work
  • 93%
    Our success rate
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